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The Purple Edge

Outsourced marketing, meeting customer needs profitably

Marketing covers all those activities that ensure your company can understand customer’s needs, develop products and services to meet these needs, communicate these products and services to the right market and make a profit.

There is more to getting your marketing right than just advertising and promotion.

There are two sides to effective marketing:

  •  Strategy and planning – knowing what you are going to do and why; and
  • implementation – making sure you do it!

In our experience, many SME’s don’t have the skills to define a successful marketing strategy or the resources to effectively follow-through on a strategy in the long term. What this means is that they often spend money on the wrong activities, achieve poor results and are therefore not motivated to continue marketing. It’s sad, a waste of time and resources and completely avoidable.

The Purple Edge is a marketing company based in Canterbury Kent, offering consultancy, outsourcing, marketing and contract services that can help you to get better results from your marketing.

What we do

Effectively grow faster and more profitably

Outsourced Marketing

Let us make a difference.

The lack of specialist marketing skills and the difficulty of owners and managing directors trying to do everything themselves can be real barriers to a business reaching its potential and realising its goals. The good news is that you can have your own marketing team – using one of our outsourced marketing packages.

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Marketing Services

Product, price, place and promotion.

We can provide the marketing services you would expect from an agency from branding, through web sites, from copywriting to newsletters.

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Strategy & Planning

Start the journey to better marketing.

The first steps in developing a sound marketing strategy and plan are to understand where you are, where you are going and as much as possible about the market you are operating in. On the basis of this analysis, selection and scheduling of marketing activities can be carried out with greater confidence. At The Purple Edge, we take a broad view of marketing, considering all aspects of the customer experience and your business to ensure that you are able to develop long-term and profitable relationships with your customers. In this way, we help you avoid wasting money on communications that are not properly targeted.

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Download our one-page marketing plan

Product, price, place and promotion.

The benefits of planning are well understood in theory, but in practice few of us carry this through into our businesses effectively.

Based on our theory that what puts people off creating their own marketing plan is the idea that they have to write a report that will run into several pages, and that thought stops them even getting started, we have created a one-page template to make light of the writing.

The health warning is that, although the output may appear simple, creating a one-page plan will still involve a fair degree of hard work and intellectual effort! The fact is that, although you may be able to put your conclusions and actions succinctly into one page, the real hard work in planning is in the process.

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Marketing Mindset Coaching & Training

THE PURPLE EDGE has a track record in providing high quality MARKETING COACHING to small and medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries including healthcare, catering, IT and automotive. We have also worked extensively with BUSINESS LINK and CANTERBURY CHRIST CHURCH UNIVERSITY delivering marketing training and workshops to Kent’s small businesses.

Executive 1-to-1 Coaching

We work intensively with the client and focus totally on their business and their specific requirements.

Group Coaching

Why not coach your whole team? Give every member of the team a marketing mindset.

Ongoing Mentoring

Designed as a follow-up to the intensive coaching programmes to keep you and your action plan on track.

Bespoke Training

Have a specific skill you need your team to understand better? Get in touch and we can create a bespoke traing/coaching package.

The Team

Sharon Wilding

Sharon Wilding

Sharon believes passionately that small-medium sized businesses can and should benefit from some of the ideas and discipline from big-business to help win and retain customers.

Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

Jim aims to bring thinking and rigour from the corporate sector that is appropriate to smaller businesses. He is a skilled communicator and team builder who is can think strategically and act tactically.

Associates at the Purple Edge


The Purple Edge is able to draw on a wide range of expertise and experience through its growing network of local businesses. Contact us now to discuss how we can help your business turn strategy into action.

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