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07506 836913 Canterbury, Kent, UK
About The Purple Edge

About The Purple Edge

At The Purple Edge we take a broad view of marketing, considering all aspects of the customer experience and your business to ensure that you are able to develop long-term and profitable relationships with your customers.  In this way we help you avoid wasting money on communications that are not properly targeted.

Established in 2007 in Canterbury, Kent, The Purple Edge is run by Sharon Wilding and Jim Hunt.  Through a growing network of carefully selected associates, or by working with your existing suppliers, The Purple Edge can help you develop and deliver the right strategies and plans to grow your business.  You decide what level of support will suit you best from the range of services on offer.

What does 'The Purple Edge' mean?

We do get asked where our name The Purple Edge comes from and what it means. And we’d love to be able to tell you that it was chosen because of the positive meaning behind the colour and our ability to give your business that extra edge – but actually we just like purple and adding ‘edge’ immediately sounded right!

[pur-pulh] noun, adjective,
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