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Our Extended Team!

At The Purple Edge we don’t directly employ a huge staff with every possible skill our clients may need. That means that we don’t have people sitting around the office that we have to find work for. We believe that you should only pay for the services your business uses. What we do have is a group of trusted associates with expertise that we can call on if, and only if, we believe it is what you need.

Some of the key associates who really help us make the magic happen are:

Lesley Streatfield


Lesley has worked with us for over 10 years designing everything from business cards to websites. She’s web tech-savvy and a fabulous designer who can create amazing visuals from scratch or turn your sow’s ears into silk purses! Lesley conjures up great designs for our clients time and time again.

Lesley lives and breathes all things design but most of all she loves getting her teeth into a full-on rebranding job where she can create the perfect images for all the client’s collateral.

When she’s not at her trusty Mac, Lesley can probably be found walking her fabulous dogs – (King) Louis & (Princess) Leia.

Jude Sach

Marketing Assistant

Jude has been part of the team for 5 years and in that time has made herself invaluable. Able to turn her hand to anything from writing really compelling and interesting copy, to project management. From editing websites to creating newsletters.

Not only is she flexible, creative and hard-working but as our clients say she’s ‘really lovely’ with it.

Olivia Holcombe

Social Media & PR

Whatever magic it takes to get your social channels buzzing Olivia knows it. Knows it? She probably created it! If your Facebook is tatty, your twitter tweetless or your instagram a bit on the sepia side, then Olivia has the answer. No toad’s eyes or bats wings involved. Just some clever social alchemy!

An experienced journalist for top titles now turning her hand to helping small businesses get their words straight and getting them noticed.

Peter Wilson

CommsBox eMarketing System

There are lots of website platforms. lots of email marketing systems. lots of CRMs. Lots of blog platforms. Pete put all these functions together in a single powerful system to manage all your online marketing needs in one place. It isn’t magic but it’s very close!

We’ve known Pete for over 30 years if Pete can’t program it, it probably can’t be programmed.

When he is not coding, he’s flying through the air with the greatest of ease as a trapeze artist and trainer!

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