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Our Approach

The Purple Edge can help you improve your business results.

We’ll give you immediate feedback on your current situation, but with the information gathered we can then prepare a proposal on how we can help you to:

  • Understand your customers and markets through business analysis
  • Create an effective marketing strategy against clear goals
  • Develop the plan that will achieve your goals within your budget
  • Manage the plan and required suppliers to successful execution
  • Learn what works best through regular measurement

Your marketing strategy will determine how you gain competitive advantage in your market place. It will address how the quality of your product, the price and how easy you are to buy from will help you win and retain satisfied customers. Based around the 4 Ps of marketing, the marketing plan will ensure you have a comprehensive and relevant programme of marketing actions together with the right communications to ensure your message gets to the customers you are targeting.

How We Work


The starting point of any marketing strategy and plan – getting a clear picture of the type of customers you are targeting, how your offer meets their needs or wants, and who else you are competing with.

Using your own data and external sources of information we aim to learn as much as possible about what is going on in your company and in the market place at large. If necessary we will recommend and manage the process of carrying out market research to fill in gaps in your own data or knowledge.

Time spent getting the right depth of information up front makes each of the next stages much easier to carry out!

And while the first time you do this it might seem a major exercise, as you go round the loop you add to the body of knowledge, continually refining and enhancing each aspect of your marketing approach.


A strategy is simply a long term plan of action setting out how you will achieve your objectives. Creating a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve, and ensuring that it is understood by everyone you work with, is essential to the success of your business.

Your marketing strategy defines how you will compete effectively in your market place. As well as knowing what you will do, and perhaps more importantly, a strategy also helps you decide what you will NOT do. It allows you to set priorities against investment in branding or direct marketing, for example, and drives decisions on what will go into your marketing plan.

An outsider’s view can be a real help here as it can be hard to stand back from the day to day demands of running your business to take stock and create or update your strategy.


The marketing plan defines the activities that you will carry out in implementing your strategy. It helps to set yourself an appropriate budget in line with the objectives you have set in order to strike the right balance between challenging and realistic.

Working through the 4 Ps of Marketing (also know as the marketing mix), the plan will identify actions to be taken to improve the quality of the product in meeting customer needs, to offer the right price or price offers to make it attractive but profitable, to develop suitable places, or sales channels, to reach customers and, finally, to run effective promotions to stimulate brand awareness and sales leads.

The Purple Edge can work with your team to develop a simple and straightforward plan that will ensure your marketing strategy is implemented successfully within the budget you set.


Ensuring a plan is carried out, when juggling the pressures of running your business and delivering to customers, is tough. Someone needs to be on top of organising and directing activities to hit the deadlines.

The Purple Edge can project manage your plan, coordinating activity within your organisation and with carefully selected suppliers to ensure delivery to time – and most importantly, to budget.

Through an expanding network of associates, The Purple Edge can help find the right supplier for your needs, or can work with existing trusted suppliers to deliver activity agreed within the plan.


Measuring the impact of actions and return on investment is not something that can just be left to the end of the programme. It needs to be built in from the start and tracked each step of the way to allow you to react promptly to new ideas and information.

At The Purple Edge we work by putting in place appropriate measures for each stage of a programme, tracking results, and driving decisions in real time.

The results can then be fed back into improvements to your plan.

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