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The 12 Marketing Days of Christmas

As a thank you for reading our blogs and newsletters this year we want you…

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Is Marketing essential for success?

Strange that, having spent so long trying to show clients how much more there is…

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Marketing isn’t wacky!

I was invited to connect with someone on LinkedIn the other day. Nothing unusual about…

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TPE Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming!

It's summer - nearly Christmas! It's July. The weather might lead you to conclude differently,…

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one-to-one marketing at the purple edge

One to One Personalised Marketing

One to One Personalised Marketing should be the norm for all businesses. So why aren't…

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Top 10 Product Naming Tips

I'm working with a client who is launching a new product next year. They know…

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Do you have a personal brand?

A discussion with friends about what we are good at brought to mind some training…

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