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Coaching & Training Testimonials

Fire Security Services Ltd

“The Purple Edge Marketing Mindset Coaching Course has provided all we need to move our business to the next level, and more. I’d fully recommend The Purple Edge without reservation; totally professional and knowledgeable, they truly make a real difference.”
Julie Daly, Training Director, Fire Security Services Ltd, March 2012

Blackthorn Trust

“The Coaching Mindset programme is a high quality, reality-based course which brings together individuals from different businesses to work on shared concerns and issues around marketing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in developing their skills and understanding in this area of their business.”
Jan Prior, CEO, Blackthorn Trust, March 2012

A1 Webstats

“The Marketing Mindset is an opportunity to step back and think about marketing in a much more constructive way rather than purely which promotional methods to use. Most people/companies are guilty of throwing money at certain types of marketing promotion (and not seeing the best results). This course helps bring a sanity check to the subject of marketing and is well worth investing in.”
Andy Harris, A1 Webstats, March 2012

Independent Funeral Celebrant

“Sharon and Jim’s course has enabled me to understand my business in a much more in depth way. It has given me a strong motivation and a practical path to follow to ensure that my short and long term goals are achievable. I feel ten times more confident and knowledgeable than when I started the course and I appreciate the supportive and professional atmosphere that Sharon and Jim created.”
Sue Goodrum, Independent Funeral Celebrant, March 2012

Recreate Design

“I definitely recommend 1-1 coaching to others. Sharon helped me think about my business differently, focusing on the benefits we offer customers to develop a communications strategy congruent with our business approach. She encouraged me to think in ‘numbers’, making the plans measurable and anchored in the real world.”
James Vigar, Recreate Design, January 2012.

Kirkness Associates

“I would recommend any business owner to attend this course – not only will you gain valuable insights into the processes and practice of marketing, but you will also have a great opportunity to think about and discuss your business with likeminded individuals free of the day to day issues that always seem to get in the way.”
Julian Kirkness, Kirkness Associates, July 2011. 

Greenleafe Ergonomics

“The Purple Edge Marketing Mindset Group Coaching Programme is an excellent way for sole traders and SMEs to gain a greater understanding of how to grow the business through better marketing practice.

“The balance of teaching, group exercises and homework was very effective. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.”
Jan Mulligan, Greenleafe Ergonomics, July 2011. 

Justso Promotions

“The Purple Edge marketing coaching course exceeded my expectations and I’ve already adopted a refreshed and invigorated approach to my marketing challenges.  I learned how important it is to understand and research my customers (wear ‘customer-tinted’ glasses), how to plan communications properly, and how to do contribution analysis to understand the effect of price and portfolio changes.

“This course will pay for itself many times over – I’ve already got 3 extra orders.  It’s been the best use of budget and time this year for me.  Great value for money, exceptional training and fantastic advice which will help me develop my business and capitalise on opportunities to increase my sales.  Jim and Sharon share their knowledge effectively and with great personality, making the coaching experience fun as well as informative.”
Rachel Cowell, Justso Promotions Ltd, Dec 2010. 


“Attending The Purple Edge marketing coaching course has given me the confidence and knowledge to create a marketing plan for my business and I fully expect to recover the cost of attending many times over.  I now understand how wide is the range of marketing activities and how marketing infuses pretty much every aspect of the business – which has led to a complete rethink of how my business is marketed.  I will set a budget, evaluate which options are suitable and likely to provide a good return on investment, and most importantly change the way in which I communicate to potential customers.

“I found Sharon and Jim’s presentation to be very relaxed and inclusive and the course has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my marketing strategy to consider what my customer’s want rather than what I think is best for them.”
Colman Carpenter, Voicespan Ltd, Dec 2010.

Positive Health & Safety

“The content of The Purple Edge marketing coaching course went beyond what I originally thought of as marketing, showing me how to change the marketing experience for my clients and give me the edge over my competitors.  The interaction with the other attendees was also valuable in helping learning. I have changed the way I think about how I present both myself and my business.”
Adam Cowper-Smith, Positive Health and Safety, Dec 2010.

TaxAssist Accountants

“I would definitely recommend The Purple Edge marketing coaching programme – and have done so to a number of our clients.  The course was well structured, included all aspects of marketing, and included tasks to complete each week to help you apply and understand the information.  With the help of the knowledge and expertise of both Jim and Sharon our business is growing and I’ve gained the confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration to market TaxAssist more effectively.”
Claire Norfolk, TaxAssist Accountants Canterbury & Herne Bay, Dec 2010.


“I engaged a marketing coach as I wanted to raise the quality of our marketing and to ensure the company’s image was presented as a market leader in our field. Working with Sharon I was able to identify my marketing goals and build a plan based on clearly identified benefits of Safetyexcel’s services. There were wonderful gems of marketing wisdom, Sharon solved issues that we had been struggling with for ages.

“I would definitely recommend The Purple Edge to others – after the one-one coaching I went on to attend the group programme to continue developing my own skills and knowledge.  Working with a marketing coach is a great opportunity to quiz an expert and get practical, achievable advice specific to our small business.  I’m left with a better understanding of what will work and what won’t and why.”
Steve Ellison, Safetyexcel Ltd, July 2010.

Chives the Caterers

“I started working with The Purple Edge as I wanted to increase my confidence in my own marketing ideas and be guided on how to put those ideas into practice. Sharon helped me look at our business from a completely different perspective and channel our resources accordingly. With her help I was able to revise all our marketing materials and plan our stand at Kent 2020 more effectively. Unlike most training, which can be very general, this was just for me and my company so the benefits are immediate. I would absolutely recommend The Purple Edge coaching and marketing services to others.”
Debra Trewerne, Chives Caterers Ltd, June 2010

Blooming Green Flowers

“We needed to come up with some key marketing techniques, suitable for a very small business on a tight budget.  Although we only had 3 hours of Sharon’s time, she was able to help us achieve this by taking a personal interest in what we are doing, and tailoring her suggestions accordingly.    I found the most useful part of the process was having the 1-1 contact and assistance, and being able to ask very simple questions. I would happily recommend Sharon’s support to others.”
Jennifer Stuart-Smith, Blooming Green Flowers, May 2010. 

Applied Relational Technology

“At ART we had every angle fairly well covered except marketing.  With no experience of directing in this area my objective was to learn what was needed to market the company effectively to win new business.  Sharon worked with me for 6 hours over a period of about 4 months to develop a marketing plan and put it into practice. We now have an annual plan and monthly goals, have engaged a PR agency to promote the company, and have a proactive approach to gaining future sales.

It was extremely valuable having Sharon’s guidance in evaluating what we had done in the past and how we could move forward, identifying the areas to focus on to gain future business.  I enjoyed working with Sharon.  Her flexible approach meant that she adapted her coaching to our business needs and was therefore easy to work with.”
Linda Jordan, Applied Relational Technology, April 2010.

Elmstone Systems

“Sharon has been advising me on marketing activities for over 6 months and has definitely helped me to move forward.  My objectives were to separate out from the mountain of advice I had received and marketing seminars I had attended, those activities that are really important for Elmstone Systems, and to have someone as a sounding board and advisor to help me decide just how I should apply them to my business.  Ultimately I want to increase my marketing knowledge and activity with a view to growing sales of our Learnbubble learning environment and a new suite of Health and Safety products.

“Having regular one to ones is key to me.  It gives me deadlines to work to and a structure to my marketing activities.  I plan to continue with this process for the foreseeable future.  I appreciate the fact that Sharon now understands what we do at Elmstone, but because she is not tied up in the day to day running of the business she is able to take a detached view of ‘where next’ with practical marketing ideas.  I would thoroughly recommend her services.”
Louise Perryman, Elmstone Systems, January 2010.

Roots Kitchens

“I engaged Sharon to help me put a marketing plan in place, specifically to develop a mailshot campaign that we could compare with our experiences of advertising in the local papers.  She advised us on how to review the image we wanted to portray, and how to analyse previous sales figures and marketing budgets to set targets for the new activities.  The most valuable part of the process was being guided and supported to deliver the mailshot, newsletter and the overall plan.  I know I wouldn’t have achieved what we did without Sharon – it has taken me 12 years to get a marketing plan!  I would definitely recommend her services to others.”
Kathy Root, Roots Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms, December 2009.


“My objectives for working with Sharon were to gain more knowledge on the subject of marketing and how to analyse my own market in order to gain new business.  Sharon helped me achieve this by showing me the correct marketing strategies to use to gain the best understanding of where our business was coming from – then we could target more clients in that area.  The most valuable part of the process was being taught how to understand our customers and organise them into a database that made planning our next moves very easy.  I would definitely recommend her services to others as it is very important to gain full understanding of your clientele.”
Christian Linden-Bauer, Managing Director, Linden-Bauer Ltd, September 2009.

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