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Terms & Conditions – November 2021

Download a copy of The Purple Edge Terms & Conditions.


  • Each quotation, estimate or contract issued for the supply of services is deemed to incorporate these conditions.
  • A written form of agreement or purchase order will be issued for each project.  Where a client does not use a formal purchase order system instructions to proceed must be confirmed via email and confirmed by sign off to the proposal.
  • Evidence of work carried out along with correspondence on the project can support a claim of contractual obligation.


  • Fees will be charged for delivery of service as set out in the proposal document or purchase order.
  • All bought in services such as photography, design, print, distribution and couriers will be subject to a project management and handling fee of 20%.
  • Day-to-day telephone, fax, photocopying, stationery and postage costs are covered by the hourly/monthly/project fees.
  • Reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the contract, e.g. travel, may be charged to the Client at cost.
  • Ongoing retainer fees will be reviewed annually or re-negotiated following a change to services provided.


  • Invoices will be issued monthly or at the completion of a project if less than a month’s work.  Major projects may require a deposit payment prior to commencement of delivery of the service.  This will be detailed in the proposal document.
  • VAT is applicable at the standard UK rate for all UK based clients.  All invoices are issued on 14 day payment terms, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Interest on any overdue account will be charged at the published rates as set out in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998, amended 2002.


  • Unless explicitly agreed as part of a contract, copyright will remain with material originators. This is relevant to all written material, but will also apply to any commissioned photography.  Clients should take care to ensure that they have considered the future use of any items and negotiated a clear agreement on copyright ownership.

Confidentiality and conflicts of interest

  • If a potential conflict of interest or confidentiality issue arises existing clients will always be consulted about their preferred course of action.
  • All information given in confidence will continue to be treated in confidence so long as it remains out of the public domain, and will only be used to provide services for the Client.


  • If either party wishes to terminate an agreement before the completion of the project 30 days’ written notice must be given.
  • Clients will be liable for projected fees in that period (calculated on a pro-rata basis), while any work planned for that period will also be completed.
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